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Strasburg, CO
Roofing Repairs, Roof Coatings
Project Size
$2.1 Million

Project Synopsis

In Strasburg, Colorado, a catastrophic hailstorm wreaked havoc on public-school buildings, causing extensive damage to both flat and metal roof assemblies. The flat roof assemblies of the school building were particularly vulnerable to the hailstorm’s fury as they are commonly constructed with materials like built-up roofing (BUR), modified bitumen, or single-ply membranes. Large hailstones struck the flat roof surfaces with tremendous force, causing punctures, cracks, and fractures in the roofing materials. The hailstones also dented and battered the metal roofing panels compromising the protective coatings on the metal panels accelerating the process of corrosion and reducing the roof’s lifespan.


In a town where the schools are a hub of the community, it was especially important for Spyder to minimize disruption to the normal operation of the facilities. Through effective project management, the intrusive process of removing and replacing the metal roof will be contained to the summer months when schools are unoccupied.


The project was completed quickly, safely and within budget.