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Balfour Senior Living 2019

Balfour Senior Living 2019 PROJECT SYNOPSIS One year after Spyder replaced roofing at Balfour Senior Living following a 2018 spring hailstorm, another hailstorm struck the property in 2019, causing severe damage to the roofing, HVAC, siding, and windows on the campus. As a result of Spyder’s outstanding restoration work in 2018, the property owner reached […]

A&A Toppers

A&A Toppers PROJECT SYNOPSIS The property fell victim to heavy winds that blew off a significant section of the roof at the A&A Toppers business in Littleton, Colorado. Spyder put its low slope roofing expertise to work to identify the problem and it didn’t take Spyder long to recognize that the damage was due to […]

Balfour Senior Living 2018

Balfour Senior Living 2018 PROJECT SYNOPSIS In the aftermath of one of Colorado’s epic hailstorms, this six-building Senior Living campus sustained major roof, gutter, HVAC, window, and siding damage. Spyder worked with the owner and insurance adjuster to establish the scope of the project, estimate the cost, and agree on a price. CHALLENGES With buildings […]