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Isabella Greenwood Village


This large multi-family clubhouse renovation was much more than the usual facelift. It required Spyder to transform the existing one-story space — a large portion of which was a racquetball facility — into a firstclass, two-story clubhouse equipped with new recreation, aqua lounge, and yoga rooms. These new spaces were equipped with high-end finishes and breathtaking custom lighting.


Renovating the existing racquetball facility required a major structural overhaul. Precise cutting of the post tension slab allowed for helical piers to be added throughout the space. A steel structure was fabricated to sit on the new piers and carry the load of the added second story. The existing concrete walls were opened in multiple areas to allow for new store front glass adding light to the space.


This large structural renovation was completed on time, within budget and without a safety incident.

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ClientHolland Partner Group
LocationGreenwood Village, CO
ServicesCapital Renovation
Clubhourse Renovation
Large-Scale Structural Renovation
Project Size$900,000
Project CompletionSummer 2019