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Balfour Senior Living 2019


One year after Spyder completed a full re-roof at Balfour Senior Living following a 2018 spring hailstorm, another hailstorm struck the property in 2019, causing severe damage to the roofing, HVAC, siding, and windows on the campus. As a result of Spyder’s outstanding restoration work in 2018, the property owner reached out to Spyder offering a no-bid contract to repair the new damage.


Providing property owners with major restoration and renovations services in occupied spaces is always a challenge, but Spyder’s strategic systematic approach carefully considers construction options that will have the lowest impact on residents.


It is always gratifying when a customer hires Spyder again due to solid previous work. It means even more when the customer gives us the contract without going to bid. It means the customer is happy and trusts Spyder to provide outstanding work at a fair market price. This largescale roofing project delivered on schedule, with no safety incidents, and within budget.

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ClientBalfour Senior Living
LocationLouisville, CO
ServicesLarge-Scale Roofing
HVAC Repairs
Window Repairs
Exterior Lighting
External Paint
Project Size$2,700,000
Project CompletionFall 2019