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Senior Superintendent At Spyder

Job Description


The Senior Superintendent is responsible for the day-to-day oversight of all assigned projects, including but not limited to material procurement, scheduling, subcontractor management, site safety, and quality assurance. Furthermore, the Senior Superintendent is responsible for working directly with property owners, property occupants, and all personnel associated with the property management company throughout the entirety of the project to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.


  • Expected to be capable of managing Spyder’s largest and most complex projects with accuracy and professionalism.
  • Possess a broad and in-depth knowledge of all construction divisions.
  • Actively engages with Spyder Management, Project Directors, Project Managers, and Clients to continually set Spyder Construction apart from our competitors.
  • Always represents Spyder Construction with professionalism and honesty. Serves as the primary contact on-site to answer all questions regarding the contracted scope of work being performed, the schedule, and the overall status of the project.
  • Fully understands the plans and specifications as they relate to the overall contract scope of work for each project and communicate any discrepancies or potential issues with the assigned Project Manager.
  • Partners with the Project Manager prior to mobilization to identify the site plan and execute proper site set up and lay down. Assists in the pre-buyout interview processes to examine any challenges associated with the project.
  • Produces Daily Site Reports detailing work completed by trades, inspections that occurred, and progress completed on site. Keeps project team members informed of all progress and potential challenges that the project might encounter and are being observed on-site.
  • Creates and manages the 3-week Look Ahead Schedule (LAS) to ensure timely project completion of all milestones.
    • When applicable, engages the internal Project Foreman to assist with LAS execution and management of sub-trades to avoid trade stacking.
    • Provide weekly updates to trade partners and internal Spyder Construction team members regarding changes in LAS.
    • Effectively communicates any associated variables and/or assumptions that are accounted for within the 3-week LAS.
  • Participates in all Project related meetings, job walks, inspections, and project reviews including Pre-Punch, Demo, Rough, Pre-Drywall/Paint, Final Punch, Final Inspections, and Closeout. Updates all team members on the status of the project and any current and/or potential challenges. Executes any action items identified.
    • Attends the Project Kickoff Meeting scheduled by Project Director.
    • Attends and participates in OAC meetings scheduled by the Project Manager.
    • Attends Project Reviews scheduled by the Construction Manager.
    • Participates in all project walks including Pre-Punch, Demo, Rough, Pre-Drywall/Paint, Final Punch, Final Inspections, and Closeout. Schedules and attends all field inspections per municipality requirements.
  • Documents project status by ensuring Dropbox files and folders are updated with current and relevant information pertaining to each project.
    • Utilizes Spyder Construction forms and templates to ensure the standard process is adhered to for each and every project across the company.
    • Obtains and properly saves pre-construction, daily current construction, and closeout job photos documenting project conditions.
  • Effectively and efficiently manages the project’s punch list items throughout the duration of the project.
    • Utilizes internal Punch List form to track all items that need to be addressed.
    • Saves all associated punch list items within the proper Dropbox folder.
    • Executes action items to ensure satisfactory completion.
  • Manages all RFI requests and submittals.
    • Maintains the RFI log
    • Communicates with the assigned Project Manager all RFIs as they relate to construction feasibility.
  • Maintains positive and mutually beneficial relationships with our vendor network
    • Directly supervises all project labor, ensuring proper workmanship, code compliance, and quality standards are maintained.
    • Identifies subcontractor non-compliance with safety, health, and environmental quality standards.
  • Adheres to all Spyder Construction, OSHA, and environmental regulations.
    • Creates and manages all on-site AHA / JHA forms and subcontractor safety requirements.
    • Completes daily site safety inspections and provides documentation.
  • Ensures all projects are clean and organized during all phases of construction.
  • Manages the storage of all materials for the project.
  • Ensures maintenance of roll-off and temporary restroom facilities.
  • Holds Project Manager accountable to ensure the on-site team has all necessary documents, tools, communication, and all other aspects needed to move projects forward.
  • Ensures that all costs related to a project are shared with the Project Manager by providing receipts, submitting expense reports, and advising the Project Manager of all anticipated costs that will hit project financials.
  • Acts as a mentor to other team members using various means of leadership skills:
    • Creates an open and supportive climate for discussion
    • Demonstrates good listening/follow-up skills
    • Provides constructive feedback and advice.
    • Keeps project team members informed of all progress and any potential challenges that the project might encounter and raises awareness of potential constructability issues throughout the process.


  • Effective leaders with qualities like motivation, goal setting, and conflict management.
  • Have a vested interest in the growth of other team members within the organization.
  • Representatives of the company’s high standards of quality and professionalism.
  • Proactive in ensuring they have what they need to be successful; seek solutions to problems.
  • Committed to safety.
  • Hardworking and professional in appearance and attitude.
  • Able to remove roadblocks and adapt & overcome when presented with challenges.
  • Excellent communication abilities, including writing, speaking, and active listening.
  • Good planning skills, including design execution, resource allocation.
  • In-depth understanding of local, state, and federal construction regulations.
  • Great problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  • Organizational skills, including time management, delegation, prioritization, and multitasking.


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